February 16, 2012

Team Rider - Drew Summersides - push.ca

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Age: 20
Hometown: Nelson, BC
Current Residence: Nelson / Vancouver
Stance: Goofy
Sponsors: Tribute Boardshop (Nelson), RVCA & etnies Canada (through Timebomb Trading),Toy Machine & Bones Wheels (through Ultimate Distribution).

You seemed to have just popped out of nowhere with some substantial magazine coverage.
Yeah, the Color interview was random. I had met Joel Dufresne on a trip we were on, then we started shooting together. Our brains seem to work on the same level [laughs]. We put together a pretty good portfolio, so he pitched it to the guys and it went from there. It worked out really well and fluidly.

Didn't things happen on a pretty short timeline?
We shot from March until August 2011; I was living in Van at the time. In April I was back in Nelson and got picked up to go on a little trip to Penticton - that's pretty much when all the photos in theColor interview happened.

Usually there's the more traditional path of getting a "Check Out" first, but you just went straight for the kill with a 7-pager.
It was more or less Joel; he really pushed for it. I didn't really process it until I got a hold of thephysical magazine. I was like, "Holy f-ck, that actually just happened." I was back in Nelson when it came out.

Then came the "Check Out"...
Yeah, right afterwards I got a "Young Bloods" in Concrete [find it in the online version of Issue 115]; I was so hyped, dude. It's so weird how they came out in that order [laughs].

How long were you living in Vancouver?
I moved there in September 2010 to pursue skateboarding, and stayed until April 2011. I was working at Showcase on West 4th, then last summer I was back in Van staying with Dan Redmond and Caleb Davies until I went back to Nelson last September.

Why did you choose to go back to Nelson for the winter?
Before working at Showcase in Vancouver, I worked at Tribute in Nelson. The owner, Shane Johnson, needed some help so I went back and worked. Tribute was my first sponsor; it's a really awesome, core shop that opened doors for me, so I want to stay involved. I also have another job cooking pizzas and delivery driving at the Hume Hotel [laughs].

The two-job hustle, nice.
Yeah, that's another reason why I went back to Nelson - to save some money. In Van I was really broke, almost living out of my car [laughs].

What kind of car do you have?
A Volkswagen Golf [laughs]. I'm not a big dude, though. I'd fold down the seats and sleep in the back. It was pretty awesome.

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